Support Local Causes!

Today I donated a few of my favourite works to a silent auction, raising funds for the Kevin Lloyd Memorial Scholarship fund at Robert Bateman Secondary School in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.  The auction is later this month, and I will keep you posted on how much was raised for the scholarship.  I am proud to support a very worthy local cause that benefits kids, benefits our future.


My First Painting

The exact moment I fell in love with art was in grade 7 art class, when I painted my first water colour ocean landscape. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was mesmerized by how the water and paint blended and swirled. I remember how hard I tried to get the seagull just right, and the feeling that all artists get of “it’s not quite right yet”, but the more I tried, the more the seagull looked a little crazy.  I remember being so focused and enjoying the class so much, that time escaped me and I ignored the class bell in order to continue painting, and was the last kid out of the class. Since that day, it has always been my favourite painting of all time.