Inktober on Instagram, day 17 “Storm”, was inspired by the 2017 BC Wildfires that changed my life profoundly, and kickstarted my art in a way I never imagined. From the ashes sparked a fire in my creative soul, and Sprinkle Donut Art Gallery was born. #inktober

Nova Scotia Strong

RIP Cst. Heidi Stevenson, and to all the fallen in Nova Scotia.

Cst Heidi Stevenson, Lisa McCully, Sean McLeod, Allanna Jenkins, Emily Tuck, Jolene Oliver, Aaron Tuck, Jamie and Greg Blaire, Corrie Ellison, Gina Goulet, Tom Bagley, Kristen Beaton, Joey Webber, John Zahl, Elizabeth Thomas, Lillian Hyslop, Dawn Madsen, Frank Gulenchyn, Heather O’Brien, Joy and Peter Bond, we will remember you. #WearRedFriday #RCMPNeverForget#NovaScotiaStrong #RedSergeProud

Coping with Covid-19 Through Creativity

All this Covid-19 isolating can really get you down! I turned to my painting to distract myself. A lovely mother and daughter loved my latest painting and it now has a new home! What does creativity look to you? Painting? Drawing? Sculpting? Woodworking? Landscaping? Flower Arranging? Music? Writing? Whatever it is, it will help you through! And if you share it, it will help others, too.


Make it a beautiful Christmas for someone you love (including yourself!).

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